A23 SoloVox

Don Better, USA


just wanted to introduce myself and tell you about the Dealer event I had with Jonathan.
I have been working as a professional musician all my life. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio, I spent 17years in Los Angeles and returned to Cleveland in the late 80’s. My father was the very first audio dealer in Cleveland in the 50’s. I grew up fascinated with sound and music.
Two years ago I read the review Jules Coleman did of the DeVore Silverback. In that review Jules talked about your speaker cable. I was intrigued and contacted Jonathan re: his products. Jonathan sent a sample and I became a dealer. Slowly, I have brought in a good deal of Shindo and Auditorium 23 products culminating in the Shindo Garrard 301 system and your miraculous Solovox.
This speaker has clearly shown how other speakers are moving completely in the wrong direction.
The system we set up comprised of Shindo Sinhonia amps, Giscours preamp, Shindo 301, Sentec mono phono pre, Shindo interconnects and you speaker cable. We spun 78’s mono and stereo records all weekend. I have never heard a system connect me to the essence of music the way this system did. Words will not do justice to the sound we made. The Solovox flows with the emotion that live music always portrays. The weight, dynamics, power and purity of tone are mesmerizing.
I look forward to your other products and hope we can meet some day.
Best wishes,
Don Better
Professor of Guitar Cleveland Institute of Music
Professor Case Western Reserve University
June 2007

Michael Lavorgna, USA

“The SoloVox are unlike most every other speaker I've heard and their difference reveals itself as a stripping away of the artifacts of reproduction, leaving you and your music alone together.
January 2007

Jules Coleman, USA

“Set up correctly, which is easier on the body than normal given how light the speakers are,  the SoloVox are not only among the best speakers you will ever hear, they might well teach you how to listen to music and what to listen for. The SoloVox have changed how I listen to music, This is a speaker that not only pays Homage to the great speakers of the past, it does so in its own unique way; it doesn’t so much attempt to relive or revive the past so much as it learns from the past and puts its own stamp on an approach to music making that should never go out of style.“

The magazine American Wired is not online anymore, the full review available as PDF-download

Roland Kraft, Image Hifi

image x-trakt

“Völlig preisunabhängig ist die Hommage SoloVox ein Musikinstrument allerhöchster Güte, mit viel mehr Faszinationspotential und Natürlichkeit gesegnet als so manches tonnenschwere High-Tech-Monster an der fünfstelligen Kasse. Dezidiert für kleinere Räume geeignet, macht sie auch mit winzigen Vollverstärkern jede Menge Spaß, realisiert aber auch den Gegenwert allerfeinster Elektronik. Ach ja: schon unter Zimmerlautstärke voll “da“!“

Heft 59, 2004

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